Divya Prabandham Malayalam version
Updated on 4th March 2002

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The Divya Prabandham is the Divine collection of 4000 hymns sung by Azhvars who lived in the southern part of India before 8th century A.D.The term azhvar means the one who is "immersed in" and they were immersed in Bhagavath anubavam all the time. It was the scholar-saint Nathamuni who, in the 10th century, retrieved and compiled this divine collection and numerous commentries have been written by various poorvacharyas for this divya prabandham and it is a life time exercise to read and the understand the inner meanings of the bakthi laden pasurams. What is presented here a collection of the entire 4000 verses in malayalam script.

You may probably aware that there are 13 divya desams in Malai Nadu ie present Kerala.We are presenting the divya prabandham in Malayalam script for the benefit of devotees who can't read Tamil script but have deep interest in Azhvar's hymns.

Please download the required font from here and install it in your Fonts directory located in your control panel.Our sincere thanks to Sri.Sreekanth for proof reading the malayalam version.

    First Thousand (Mudhal Aiyiram)

  1. Periyaazhvaar thirumozhi
  2. First century
  3. Second Century
  4. Third Century
  5. Fourth Century
  6. Fifth Century
  7. Thiruppaavai
  8. Naachhiyaar thirumozhi
  9. PerumaaL thirumozhi
  10. Thirucchanda viruttham
  11. Thirumaalai
  12. ThiruppaLLiyezucchi
  13. Amalanaathipiraan
  14. kaNNi nuN sirutthaambu

  16. Periya thirumozhi
  17. First Century
  18. Second Century
  19. Third Century
  20. Fourth Century
  21. Fifth Century
  22. Sixth Century
  23. Seventh Century
  24. Eighth Century
  25. Ninth Century
  26. Tenth Century
  27. Eleventh Century
  28. Thiru kurun thaaNdagam
  29. Thiru nedun thaaNdagam

  31. Thiruvaaymozhi
  32. First Century
  33. Second Century
  34. Third Century
  35. Fourth Century
  36. Fifth Century
  37. Sixth Century
  38. Seventh Century
  39. Eighth Century
  40. Ninth Century
  41. Tenth Century

  42. IYARPA
  43. Mudhal thiruvandhadhi
  44. iraNdaam thiruvanthaathi
  45. Moonram thiruvandhadhi
  46. Naanmugan thiruvandhadhi
  47. Thiruvruththam
  48. Thiruvasiriyam
  49. Peria thiruvandhadhi
  50. thiru ezukooRRirukkai
  51. Siriya thirumadal
  52. Peria thirumadal
  53. Iraamaanusa noorandhadhi 
SaRRumuRai kramam

 A humble attempt to serve Srivaishnava community, by dasan R.Venkat.