Dear bhagavathas,

namo narayana. adiyen's pranamams.

adiyen dasan venkat from Bahrain.

Yesterday(15th Oct), Our Bahrain goshti has celebrated Swami desikan thirunakshatram in a grand manner.For
the past 6 years we have been gathering on every sravanam to recite swami desikan stotras and desika prabandham and celebrating purattasi sravanamn every year in a grand manner. Last year we had the company of Kuwait devotees and Sri Velukkudi Krishnan on this occasion.Sri Velukkudi swami's upanyasam on Nyasa dasakam is still fresh in our memory.

This year function was indeed a special one.The highlights are:

1.For the first time in Bahrain entire desika prabandham was recited in one sitting as part of our two day celebration.

2. Competitions were conducted for children and prizes and certificates were distributed to the winners.23 children aged from 4 to 13,were actively participated in the Stotra recitation competition,A Quiz on the life history of swami desika and drawing and colouring competitions. Special mention has to be made about the cryptic quiz where in questions were asked exclusively
from the 128 works of swami desika( Which of the rahasya granthas are luptham,Which rahasya grantha titles have tamil prabandhams in the same name etc.,) and the children were sharp in shooting the correct answer. It was amazing to note that the young children have memorised the entire lot of 128 titles.Sri T G Vijaykumar of Singapore has sent the certificate of
"ORonRu thaane amaiyaadhO" scheme and we are thankful for this help.

3.We have released a MP3 CD of Sri desika prabandham on this auspicious day.This CD has audio clips of entire desika prabandham and texts of desika prabandham and sri desika stotras in tamil,sanskrit and english scripts.Sri Ananth and Narayanan of our goshti has recited the pasurams in a traditional manner.We have committed to donate the entire proceeds
from the sale of this CD for various divya desa kaimkaryams.Please visit our site for more details.

Yesterday we have recited divya prabandham,Sri desika stotras and sri desika prabandham for about two hours.Ladies goshti have presented selected verses of desika prabandham in a melodious voice which was indeed a treat to ears.In the end,maha prasadam was served.The sambhavana collection of this satsangh will be donated to Sri Kainkarya for various kaimkaryams at
Thiruvaheendrapuram, where swami desikan has lived for long years, admiring the charming beauty of  sri Hemambuja valli sametha Sri Devanayaka.

adiyen has uploaded few images taken during the occasion in the following URL

Thanks for your patient reading and we seek the blessings of all bhagavathas to continue our humble kaimkaryams in this tiny island in Gulf.


adiyen ramanuja dasan,